Happiness at Work

This year, ‘International Week of Happiness at Work’ week will run between the 20th – 26th September 2021, where we will look at how work life and happiness come together. We spend much of our lives at work, and how we spend that time has significant effects on our mental wellbeing.

Happiness at Work

Author: Simon Brannan, Training Consultant for Workforce Development at City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Published: 21st September 2021

Most people if asked would you like to be happy would respond…YES. I would suggest that we would get the same response to being Happy at Work. With how we work and the environments that we work in having to change and adapt, it is even more important for us to support our wellbeing, and look at how we can work happier.

“When we are happy at work, we are likely to also be happier in the rest of our life. We believe that Happiness at Work should be on the list of top priorities of all organisations, big and small, national and international.”

The International Week of Happiness at Work. Join us!

When we are happy at work we are more:

  • Productive
  • Resilient
  • Flexible
  • Creative

It also improves relations and team working, and the interactions that we have with customers. Being happy in the workplace makes it a more positive place to be, and being happy at work should be the rule and not the exception.

There is an array of things that we can do when we are in the workplace to make it a better place to be and a happier place to be. Returning to the workplace during the pandemic was daunting for many of us as with uncertainty for the future, and the changes put in place making us adapt how we work.

When we are in the classroom for whatever period of time, try simple things like moving around throughout the classroom at regular intervals. Go out for a walk at lunch time and try not to eat lunch all the time in the staffroom. Perhaps holding your one-to-one meetings whilst doing a walk and talk around the building or car park. This will improve happiness at work that in turn can help us to be more creative, which in turn can help us to think of even more ways to improve happiness at work...

Another way we can be happier at work is to look after both our physical mental health. I have been a mental health first aider since 2017 and an Instructor training others in this essential skill since October 2020. We all have bad days at work and get stressed and this can prevent us from being out best selves, being focussed and doing our best work. I know that taking time out to focus on our mental health and feel comfortable and encouraged to talk about it is a positive step towards our increased happiness both inside and outside of work.

PACT HR has been supporting our clients with Mental Health First Aid Training and awareness since February 2021 in supporting Mental Health First England pledge to training 1 in 10 people in Mental Health First Aid.

The training give individuals the skills, knowledge and more importantly the confidence to talk about Mental Health and support those who need it. This helps to reduce the Stigma associated with Poor Mental Health.

Please click HERE to find resources that can help to support and improve our Mental Health that in turn can impact on our wellbeing and happiness in a positive way. For more information on how PACT HR can support your colleagues reach their potential, and support their wellbeing please contact us at info@pact-hr.co.uk, visit the PACT HR website for more details, or contact the PACT HR helpdesk on 01274 436644 for more details.

Last Updated: 21st September 2021