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HR Update from PACT HR

You can now access the “HR Update from PACT HR” e-update by following this link HR Update from PACT HR. We have also added some useful links to websites with additional information. Please note there is no audio for this presentation.

You will need to have a PC which has PowerPoint installed. 

Depending on your PC settings, once the link is clicked the presentation may download and play automatically. However if not, below are some instructions to help you access it.

Download Troubleshooting

By clicking on the link the presentation will automatically download to your PC. This may take a few moments to download. If the show has not started within 30 seconds, it is likely your PC is not set to automatically open after download. This is not a problem, simply go to the download folder on your PC and open the presentation from there.

Navigating the E-Update

The show will automatically progress; you will not need to click to move through the slides. You can however pause during the presentation: