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From the 24th March 2022, government provisions around Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) will change, removing the COVID-19 stipulations put in place.

Changes to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Author: Harry Walton, Marketing & Communications Officer

Published: 16th March 2022

Previously the government introduced a series of special dispensations, concerning those suffering from COVID-19, and subsequently being absent from work because they are sick and have a legal requirement to self-isolate.

This will now be changing. From the 24th March 2022, the pay provisions currently put in place will be stopped. Instead those suffering from COVID-19 will have to apply under regular Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). For example, the day-one pay eligibility for COVID-19 will not occur.

As the government stipulates in its ‘COVID-19 RESPONSE: LIVING WITH COVID-19’ publication, “Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) will no longer be payable from day 1 if people are unable to work because they are sick or self-isolating due to COVID-19. Pre-pandemic SSP rules will apply”.

The rules and regulations around an individual who has contracted COVID-19, and those that have come in contact with sufferers of COVID-19 also came to an end on the 24th February 2022.

Although it is still recommended that those suffering from COVID-19 self-isolate and avoid coming into contact with others, this is no longer a legal requirement.

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