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Right to Work & Vetting checks form an important part of your pre-employment safeguarding checks and failure to thoroughly conduct the correct checks carries a penalty of up to £20,000.


Hosted at Margaret McMillan Tower, City of Bradford, 18th July 2019. BOOK NOW!

Improve your knowledge about identity fraud and enhance your ability to identify the fraudulent documents presented by hostiles in order to gain employment and access to organisations on this half-day course presented by our guest speaker Matt Brown; a Counter Terrorism Awareness Advisor from West Yorkshire Police.

This Identity Document Fraud Training course provides you with the knowledge of how identity fraud is committed and how to recognise the security features in documents that are commonly used to establish identity (passports & driving licenses).

At the end of this half-day course you will be able to:

      • Demonstrate rigorous safeguarding processes to Ofsted during an inspection
      • Identify the common security features in passports & driving licenses (UK and Foreign) to determine whether a document is forged, counterfeit or fake
      • Use forgery detection equipment and recognise counterfeit and forged documents
      • Understand how a genuine document can be falsified or altered
      • Understand the various types of identity fraud
The course is designed for anyone with a document verification role, including those who are asked to examine identity documents on a regular basis such as School Business Managers, DBS vetting, and HR staff. The session is relaxed, fun and highly participative using a mixture of formal presentation and practical examples.