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Revising and preparation leading towards exams and tests can create anxiety, worry, and concern; especially when SATs, GCSE’s and A-Levels are fast approaching. But we don’t have to accept this, that is why PACT HR is re-delivering their Pupil Resilience Booster Sessions again.

Pupil Resilience

Hosted at your School, Academy, College or University; this session will boost the confidence and resilience of your students.


All of our Pupil Resilience Booster sessions are tailored to the needs of your organisation. To discuss your schools requirements and how we can support you, please contact Simon Brannan on Simon.Brannan@bradford.gov.uk or the PACT HR helpdesk on info@pact-hr.co.uk.


Ofsted place an increasing focus on the personal development of learners. In practice this means that school leaders need to demonstrate how they support a learners’ wider personal development, character and resilience.

Building on our highly successful resilience workshops aimed at adults, PACT HR has developed a short, engaging and bite-sized resilience session suitable for pupils and students. The session offers ideas, tips, and self-help strategies to aid them in better managing the pressures of;

  • Examinations & SAT’s
  • Transition
  • Periods of change


Our workshops are very flexible and we will work with the designated in-school lead to ensure that we meet your specific schools’ requirements.

The duration of the sessions depend on your needs and factors such as the group size and age of the pupils. Typically sessions run for between 45 - 60 minutes.

Suggested Audience

Students of all ages will benefit from this session to help reinforce and build on their resilience.

Pupil Resilience Feedback