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Teachers & Local Government Pay

Author: Paula Beck, Business Partner for PACT HR

Published: 3rd August 2022

School Teachers Pay 2022

The Secretary of State for Education is proposing to accept the recommendations of the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB).

The STRB was tasked to make recommendations whilst taking into consideration:

  1. The need to ensure that any proposals are affordable across the school system as a whole;
  2. Evidence of the national state of teacher and school leader supply, including rates of recruitment and retention, vacancy rates and the quality of candidates entering the profession;
  3. Evidence of the wider state of the labour market in England;
  4. Forecast changes in the pupil population and consequent changes in the level of demand for teachers;
  5. The Government’s commitment to the autonomy of all head teachers and governing bodies to develop pay arrangements that are suited to the individual circumstances of their schools and to determine teachers' pay within the statutory minima and maxima.

The STRB has recommended for 2022/23:

  • A 5% increase to all pay and allowance ranges and advisory points, with higher increases to some parts of the Main Pay Range
  • In London pay ranges.

James Cleverly, Secretary of State for Education is proposing to accept these recommendations in full and is inviting comments on the STRB’s report and his response to its recommendations by 23rd September 2022.

For further information, please see full set of recommendations from the STRB as published in the 32nd report on the 19th July 2022, click here.

PACT HR Briefing Note _ School Teachers Pay 2022

Paula Beck _ V1.0 _ 3 August 2022

Local Government Pay 2022

The National Employers have now made their final offer to the unions in relation to the 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023 Local Government and Schools pay award.

On the 6th June, UNISON, GMB and Unite lodged the NJC pay claim for:

  • A substantial increase with a minimum of £2,000 or the current rate of RPI (whichever is greater) on all pay points
  • COVID-19 recognition payment
  • A national minimum agreement on homeworking policies for all councils and the introduction of a homeworking allowance
  • An urgent review of all mileage rates currently applying
  • A review and update of NJC terms for family leave and pay
  • A review of term-time only contracts and consideration of retainers
  • A reduction in the working week (without loss of pay) to 35-hours (34 in London)
  • One additional day of annual leave.

On the 25th July 2022 the National Employers agreed unanimously to make the following one-year (1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023), final offer to the unions representing the main local government NJC workforce:

  • With effect from 1st April 2022, an increase of £1,925 on all NJC pay points 1 and above
  • With effect from 1st April 2022, an increase of 4.04% on all allowances (as listed in the 2021 NJC pay agreement circular dated 28th February 2022)
  • With effect from 1st April 2023, an increase of one-day to all employees’ annual leave entitlement
  • With effect from 1st April 2023, the deletion of pay point 1 from the NJC pay spine.

This offer would achieve a bottom rate of pay of £10.50 with effect from 1st April 2022 (which equates to a pay increase of 10.5% for employees on pay point 1); everyone on the NJC pay spine would receive a minimum 4.04% pay increase; and the deletion of pay point 1 on 1st April 2023, would increase the bottom rate to £10.60.

For further information, please see the Local Government Association employer circular by clicking here.

PACT HR Briefing Note _ Local Government Pay 2022

Paula Beck _ V1.0 _ 3 August 2022

Last Updated: 3rd August 2022